Baltic region’s largest birch lumbermill celebrates 17 years of using UMP Technika machinery to reduce wood waste to zero.

28 April, 2022 | Dalintis:

Located near Ukmergė, Lithuania, the company employs over 120 workers and operates 80,000 square meters where it stores, saws, dries and mills birch logs into wood blanks for further processing.


With the help of UMP Technika, the company has achieved a point where no wood is wasted. The first part of the production process cuts green birch logs into planks which are then dried in kilns. Leftover cuts which are unusable get shredded into chips and fed to fuel those kilns saving thousands every year on the company’s electrical bill.


The second stage of the process then cuts now dried planks into wood blanks which are sorted and stacked for transport. Some of those blanks get sorted out due to their natural deformations, such as branch holes, yellowing and other spoilage. Unfit leftovers then get shredded with a single shaft shredder and put through a hammer mill to join sawdust from the cutting process.


This is where the primary cost-saving measure comes in. The company uses four BP-500 hydraulic briquette presses to create an average of 25 tonnes of briquettes every day. Compared to selling sawdust “as is”, the company gains 20€-60€ per single tonne. The company further increased those gains by installing an automated briquette packing system saving on manual packing of the bags, and improving the pack’s quality.

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