Briquetting Machines

Preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint should be every company’s goal. Briquetting machines aim to help companies achieve these goals. They recycle the waste products that companies produce by making briquettes that can be used as fuel.

Briquetting works by compacting waste into low-energy and loose biomass materials. The machine applies high hydraulic pressure, and the wheels, which are rotating, compress the biowaste to make briquettes.

Briquettes do not usually need a binder, but overall, some quantity of tar pitch, starch, and molasses is utilized. They are superior to pellets in this regard since pellets need a binder.

Types of Briquetting Presses by Material

Businesses that use briquette presses are companies that manufacture or use wood, metal, and paper in their production process. However, each business will need a different machine depending on the raw material they’re briquetting.

These are the types of briquette machines by material that you should know about:

Wood briquette

Wood briquetting machines burn more consistently, at higher temperatures, and for longer than cordwood and emit considerably less ash, sulfur, and smoke. Wooden briquettes can be used in firepits, furnaces, wood stoves, etc.

A paper briquetting system can be a great choice for companies, that produce large amounts of paper waste in their operations. Among those who would benefit from this machine type most, is paper or cardboard manufacturing companies.

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Metal Briquetting Machines

Metal Briquette

Metal briquetting press will let your company save more of those expensive oils used for CNC drilling. By compressing light metals (swarf, drillings, etc.), you will save storage space too, because the briquettes will take less of space than loose waste materials would.

Biomass briquetting machine compresses raw materials such as: straw (sunflower stalk, peanut, rape straw, cotton stalk, sorghum straw, soybean straw, corn straw), sawdust, tobacco, bamboo head, shrub, rice husk, bagasse. It’s a fantastic way to reduce your farming waste while making a profit.

Why Should You Consider Briquetting

There are many reasons why businesses can benefit from briquetting machine technology. Companies like wood manufacturers can make an environmentally friendly and low-cost fuel source from the free chips, shavings, and wood dust that the briquetter generates. The fuel can then be resold or re-used, generating revenue while cutting down on waste.

The purpose of the briquetting process is to transform waste into a standard shaped block, making waste products much easier to transport, store, and manage. The briquette system can handle different types of materials with the appropriate amount of moisture and size.

The briquettes are also uniform and don’t fall apart easily, have an increased combustion rate, and can be used as coal alternatives in many situations. You will love that your sawdust and other biomass products can be sold for a larger profit in the form of briquettes.

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Our Briquetting Machines

We have a wide variety of briquetting machines that cater to the different needs of our clients. Every type of briquetter works efficiently and is made using the highest quality materials available, so you can be sure it will last for a long time.

These machines include:

Briquetting press BP500

Our single-shaft shredders use a vertical feed single rotor and hydraulic ram system where users can insert their material to be shredded. Whether your factory waste consists of wood, metal, paper, or plastic, with the correct specifications in place, the powerful industrial shredder teeth in these machines will have no problem getting the job done.

Briquetting press BP550

Horizontal feed shredders use rollers rather than hydraulic rams to feed material into the rotor. This system allows shredding of longer boards and cutoffs at a much higher volume than vertical feed shredders. Vibrating conveyor transports material to the shredder where feeder rotors pull it against a high speed shredding rotor.

Sawdust bunker UB180

Our single-shaft shredders use a vertical feed single rotor and hydraulic ram system where users can insert their material to be shredded. Whether your factory waste consists of wood, metal, paper, or plastic, with the correct specifications in place, the powerful industrial shredder teeth in these machines will have no problem getting the job done.

Automated briquette packing machine APS4

Different to the single-shaft model, the double-shaft shredder uses two shafts to pull and shred the material. This is perfect for pre-shredding of bulk and difficult to manage materials.

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Advantages of Using our Briquetting Machines

UMP Technika is renowned for its quality and affordable equipment. We have received many positive reviews from our customers over the years confirming to us that our briquetting systems are making an impact on the community.

These are some of the reasons why our customers choose us over our customers:

Vast Experience

You must buy a briquetter from a reputable company. We have manufactured briquette machines for a long period. Our customers can attest that our equipment is safe, dependable, and perfect for manufacturing work environments.

Tailored service

We are adaptive and can provide personalized solutions for our clients’ needs. We understand that each client has unique needs and that there is no all-size-fits-all solution for all our customers. Therefore, each customer receives a listening ear and prompt service.

Continuous Assistance

We offer our customers spare parts replacement services, service, and consultation after a customer has bought from us. Therefore, our relationship with our customers does not end soon after completing the sale. We strive to ensure that you will use our machine optimally and get the most out of it, which can only happen if it is always in full working condition at all times.

Compressing natural waste does not have to be stressful and we work hard to ensure you have a seamless experience while using our machines.

How Briquetting Helps You Become More Eco-Friendly

Briquetting is an important aspect of today’s anti-climate change strategy. Instead of simply discarding waste, companies turn it into compressed units that can be recycled and reused at their business or sold to another.

Any business that invests in briquette will make a night and day difference in their business operations and eco-efficiency. That’s because you’re investing in a practice that’s more sustainable and energy-efficient than simply throwing away waste. Your decision to use briquettes will reduce deforestation, toxic emissions, trash buildup, and pollution worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tolerance Clearance in Briquetting?

The two major biomass briquetter elements are sleeve and spiral spindle/ screw rod. Once you put the biomass materials inside the equipment, the materials will be squeezed into the small space between the sleeve and screw rod when there is high temperature and pressure.

Are Briquettes Hard to Make?

The briquette temperature and tolerance clearance are the two key things that determine the quality of the briquettes that you can make. Different materials have varying needs for clearance. Additionally, the heater temperature on the machine also needs to be checked. Before you begin briquetting production, you need to preheat. Therefore, when you begin briquetting, the feedstock can be made softer to enable the compacting procedure and make it easy to combine.

Why do manual briquetting presses require binders to make briquettes?

You need to mix it with a binder since when carbonization takes place, a good chunk of the lignin works as a natural binder would have long decomposed. Adding binders brings about consolidation and enhances the binding. It also combines the carbonized elements into one unit and strengthens the briquettes.

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