Briquetting metal

Compressing metal shavings and swarf into solid bricks is a great way to reduce company costs. Loose shavings waste logistical resources, as they take up a lot of volume during storage and transportation. Turning loose swarf and shavings into briquettes increases their density, which opens options to store/transport much more metal with the same volume. Another feature, between many advantages of briquetting, include the return of lubricants and cooling substances lost with the turnings during the manufacturing process. During compaction, liquids are collected and can be filtered back to the machines drastically lowering the cost of machinery coolants. Additionally, foundries pay more for metal briquettes as they provide higher yield at smelting stations than loose shavings which burn up in high heat.

Cheaper logistics, higher-value trades at foundries and recycling of coolants all combine into a great way to decrease costs and increase profits.

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