Industrial Metal Swarf Shredding Machines

Managing a business comes with hefty expenses. If yours involves the use of metals, these materials are not cheap. This can get out of hand and eat away at your profits. Before you know it, you’re spending money faster than you can make it. Save yourself from this stress pit by investing in an industrial waste shredder. Instead of having to throw it away or let it sit cluttering up your workspace, you can get some use out of it.

Our Metal Waste Shredding Solutions

Single Shaft Paper Shredders

These are the most widely used industrial metal waste shredders out there. This machine operates on one quickly rotating shaft covered with blades, grinding light metals into the sieve. This means the fraction size of the shredded material depends on the density of the sieve used.

This metal shredding machine has a distinct advantage of being more exacting in its grinding, making the pieces more uniform.

Double Shaft Paper Shredders

As the name suggests, this shredder runs on two-bladed shafts. Their rotation is notably slower. The double shaft shredder has two main advantages:

  • First, it expends less energy because the rotors help each other.
  • It also grinds light metals or swarf into fractions small enough to make briquettes out of them later on- or just lowers the volume and thus helps in logistics.

Our shredders are unique in their ability to grind up many types of materials. It can successfully shred light metals such as aluminium. This means you’ll get your money’s worth for every piece of supplies you buy.

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Industrial Metal Swarf Shredders For Your Business

If your business processes metals in the form of drilling, milling, or turning metals, you need a quality industrial metal waste shredder that won’t give out. This goes for those who own factories or workshops, create machinery, work in mining or manufacture vehicles.

In other words, industrial metal shredders are ideal for businesses that deal with metal waste in any capacity.

Benefits of Industrial Metal Swarf Shredding

There are many reasons businesses should consider purchasing a heavy-duty shredder:

Create less waste

Our industrial metal waste shredders will be helpful to you and the world around you. On a larger scale, you’ll create less waste and avoid releasing toxins into the environment after disposing of them.

Easier logistics

On a personal note, it’ll mean less volume of material and therefore less storage. You save money because you buy fewer materials. You can even make a profit by selling the results to a metal recycler.

Different Kinds of Metals and Debris That Can Be Shredded

Metal debris is a natural and unavoidable result of machining. This can come in a few forms:

  • Chips. Small pieces of material that come off during metal tearing.
  • Shavings. When running an engine, bits of metal can show up in its oil. Also known as filings.
  • Swarf. This is essentially metal machining scrap that goes unused in a project.

You also need one if you often use aluminium cans. Think about how many you buy. It’s a waste of money to dispose of them if you can recycle them using an industrial metal waste shredder.

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How to Responsibly Get Rid of Metal Swarf and Save On Costs?

Metal waste should never just lie around. It can cause cuts or splinters, which could then lead to infection.

Shredding is the first step, but then you need to compress the metal into briquettes. This saves space and restores your valuable oils, increasing the lifespan of your inventory. Otherwise, transport it to a metal recycler.

Our Industrial Shredders For Other Types of Materials

It’s not just metal that needs recycling. Our goods also come in the following forms:

wood shredding

Every woodworker needs one. Those miscellaneous blocks can either sit there collecting dust or contribute to your next big project.

cardboard shredding

This can save time and costs for delivery boxes.

Industrial Plastic Shredding Machines

Plastic shredding

Plastic that’s just thrown away is a nuisance to the environment at best. At worst, it’s a hazard.

paper shredding

These can repurpose papers and help you get rid of information that could be compromising in the wrong hands.

biomass shredding

This can be any environmental substance. If you’re looking to shred hay or straw that has been rolled up, this will do the trick.

Custom Metal Shredding Solutions

You might worry that your business will fall outside of what we can do. Put this worry away.

Our experience in the manufacturing of shredding machines spans decades. We can guarantee you now that we can find a solution for you no matter how specialized your needs are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing one of our industrial shredders and you still have some questions, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of our most frequently asked questions to try and give you a better insight.

How Do I Get Rid of Swarf?

This is where a swarf shredder comes in handy. This machine will break the materials down with minimal effort required on your part. Then, it can be used for a future project or put money in your pocket by selling it.

Is Metal Waste Hazardous?

All scrap metal is considered a biohazard. Aside from the clutter and risk of injury it creates, metal carries toxins that can put you at the risk of metal poisoning. Worst case scenario, it can be fatal.

What Maintenance Will My Shredder Need?

The blades are ideally cleaned out with a can of compressed air once a month, or after they’ve done a big job.

How Durable Are Your Machines?

Many shredders need periodic breaks, or they’ll get overheated. Our products can go on as long as they need to, so you can get the job done.

Save Time, Space, and Money With Our Machines Today

The benefits an industrial metal waste shredder will provide are endless:

  • You’ll get more for the hard-earned money you devote to your business.
  • Materials you would’ve had to throw away before will now be available for you to use again.
  • Your workspace will be a safer place.
  • The environment will thank you for it, as will your bank account after your trips to the recycler.

Take your business to the next level by contacting us now!

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