Metal Processing

We, UMP Technika, are known for our products, but it does not end there. With more than 15 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in fields of metalworking and manufacturing under our belts we have gathered quite the arsenal of machinery and master metalworkers.

Not only do we offer pre-made products, but MANUFACTURING SERVICES aswell:

  • CUTTING large pieces of metal up to 350mm in width
  • SURFACE GRINDING of parts up to 1500x500mm
    • Universal horizontal MILLING up to 700x500mm
    • Universal vertical MILLING up to 1500x500mm
  • Our LATHES can support parts up to 400x3000mm
  • “BORING” machinery capable of creating holes up to 1000x400mm
  • CNC STATION (magazine holding up to 24 tools) capable of milling parts up to 1500x600mm
  • TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA WELDING of both small, and very large parts
  • LIQUID PAINTING using a specialised painting booth (3×6.5×3.8m)
  • ASSEMBLY of machinery
  • AUTOMATION of machinery using robotics and programming
  • Manufacturing of custom HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS and other hydraulic parts
  • SERVICE & REPAIR of hydraulic pumps
  • DESIGNING & MANUFACTURING of various machinery
  • 2600m2 of factory space
  • Multiple cranes capable of 5T load across the factory space

All of this is offered for REASONABLE PRICING!

Contact us for cooperation within different projects!

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