Hydraulic Briquette Press BP600A

Hydraulic Briquette Press Hydraulic Briquette Press BP600A for pressing briquettes. It produces up to 650 briquettes per hour (pressing around 600 kil...

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Hydraulic Briquette Press BP500A

Hydraulic Briquette Press Profits should not be wasted. Sawdust, biomass and even aluminum swarf leftover from the manufacturing process is usually di...

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Automated Heat & Shrink Packing Machine APS-4

Automated Heat & Shrink Packing Machine Briquetting is a great cost-saving measure for companies. Further improvement of the efficiency and qualit...

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Hammer mill SM-1500

Wood chips are a common by-product generated by woodworking companies during the manufacturing process. Due to low options for realization wood chips ...

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Container Unloading System K.U.S.

K.U.S. Shipping container Unloading System K.U.S. Shipping container Unloading System Product is used as an unloading system for large scale silos and...

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Straw and Hay Shredder With Conveyor SS-D180

STRAW AND HAY SHREDDER WITH CONVEYOR SS-D180 The shredder is designed for shredding straw or hay pressed in rolls. In certain cases, after obtaining t...

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Sawdust Bunker & Hopper UB180

UB180 Sawdust Bunker & Hopper Sawdust Bunker & Hopper UB180 sawdust bunker and filling hopper houses up to 1.9m3 of sawdust and supplies it t...

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