Automated Briquette Packing Machine APS-4

Automated Heat & Shrink Wrap Packing Machine

Briquetting is a great cost-saving measure for companies. Further improvement of the efficiency and quality of packing pays off. APS-4 is fit for a wide range of shrink wrapping with single or multi-row products. Automated alignment and placement feature improves the production efficiency and allows for the product to operate 24/7. When paired with UMPT briquette presses & our transportation table, this machine can support up to 4 BPA600A presses and produce up to 5 bags of briquettes per minute. After packaged in high-quality polyethene film the products have a compact and neat appearance which ensures the items’ integrity, the convenience of transportation and resistance to humidity. In contrast, currently widely used pre-made briquette bags have the disadvantage of unnecessary movement of briquettes inside the package which in turn disintegrate during logistics and lose value in the eyes of the end-consumer. Using shrink wrapping tightens the pack making it easier and safer to handle, increases resistance to humidity and even allows briquettes to be stored out in the elements. Stick-on carry handles are optional to provide the ultimate briquette pack.


Automated quality control and recycling of rejected briquettes

Automated de-dusting

Automated alignment and packing

Automated leaflet insertion

Automated sealing and heat shrinking of packages

Automated palletizing and pallet wrapping


The system ensures proper briquette dedusting, weighting (optional), alignment, packing and shrinking of the package. Automated sealers ensure a proper seal on each package eliminating the human factor while automated palletizing attachments load and wrap the pallets.

Technical data

Sealing typeSleeve
Packing capacity<5 packs/min
Shrinking Tunnel speedVariable, ≤15 m/min
Working height780-850mm
Shrinking Tunnel sizeDepends on the size of the product
Sealing knife width880mm
Air pressure≤0.5MPa (5 bar)
Power supply380V 50-60Hz
Installed power≤30 kW
Film typePolyethene (PE)
Max film size850mm (width) x 280mm (outer diameter)


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