Hammer mill MM-1500

Wood chips are a common by-product generated by woodworking companies during the manufacturing process. Due to low options for realization wood chips are usually discarded by selling it to heating plants for a low price. Our MM-1500 hammer mill allows companies to turn wood chips into briquettable sawdust by shredding and crushing it through metal screens also known as sieves.

Quick-release hatches allow quick and easy access for maintenance while keeping workers safe. Blades of the machine are not fixed and spin freely due to the centrifugal principle. This means that blades take less damage on impact and have an extended lifetime. Fixed blades can be ordered if required for specific produce.

The mill can be ordered to fit various produce and applications ranging from pharmaceuticals, spice production, chemical and mineral. The perforated sieves and blades are easily interchangeable to adjust for different types of materials and purposes.

MM-1500 MM-2000
Output ≤1500kg/h ≤1800kg/h
Power 30kW 37kW
RPM <1470aps/min <1470aps/min
Length 1562 mm 1765 mm
Width 960 mm 960 mm
Height 1060 mm 1060 mm
Feed hole 260×290 mm 260×430 mm
Power supply 380 V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Input material ~51x35x7mm ~51x35x7mm
Blades 32vnt. 48vnt.
Sieves 6-18 mm 6-18mm
Weight 950 kg 1100 kg


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