Industrial Cardboard Shredding Machines

Industrial cardboard shredding is made for businesses and companies that use lots of thick paper materials to make their products.

This is especially helpful when a product is mass-produced or shipped and needs packaging on a larger industrial scale. It’s ideal for any large-scale material shredding and disposal. To see if one of our shredders is right for you, read below.

Our Industrial Cardboard Shredders

The types of industrial cardboard shredding equipment we offer include the Single Shaft Shredder and the Double Shaft Shredder. Let’s look at their benefits in more detail:

Single Shaft Paper Shredders

A single shaft shredder is the best way to turn your large cardboard waste materials into tiny pieces that are more easily recyclable. It works by using a single, very fast-spinning rotor. This type will shred the waste very quickly but works best on thinner pieces.

Double Shaft Paper Shredders

A double shaft shredder is very effective on thicker pieces of waste cardboard. This is because it uses two spinning rotors. These will spin slightly slower than a single shaft, meaning that the processing of cardboard waste will give slightly larger pieces. Depending on your needs, this could be the best bet for you if you don’t need the extra small fractions.

Keeping an industrial shredder on-site with your company will be a great way to save excess waste management costs. Not to mention, our shredders are also more eco-friendly than typical disposal methods. Give us a call today to see what options we can offer you.

Industrial Cardboard Waste Management For Your Business

Plenty of businesses will need to have industrial cardboard shredding machine capabilities. For example, any business that needs boxes or cartons to ship its products will need this option.

If your company is producing lots of waste, you can also expect that you will need to have access to an industrial shredder to make it easier to dispose of the waste via landfill or recycling.

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Benefits of Industrial Paper Shredding

There are many reasons businesses should consider purchasing a heavy-duty shredder:

Shred your own manufacturing waste

Countless benefits come with the ability to shred your own waste. For example, the opportunity to use waste cardboard recycling to help benefit the environment.

Easier transportation

Additionally, transporting waste has a high price compared to disposing of it yourself with cardboard shredding equipment. Storing this waste before transportation to be disposed of is also very difficult because it takes up space, and cardboard residues can cause issues.


You can save tons of money on these expenses if you shred your own waste, and you can even use a technique called briquetting, where you compress the shredded cardboard production surplus into small blocks.

Ability to re-use the waste

These blocks created in-house with your waste can be repurposed as a replacement for wood or charcoal and give your company a chance to provide your own source of heat energy.

Different Kinds of Cardboard Waste You Should Recycle

There are tons of different shredder varieties available to you that your company can make use of too. Here are some other materials you can shred and recycle:

  • Cartons Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Shipping cartons
  • Moving boxes
  • Egg cartons
  • Thin cardboard rolls
  • Cardboard tubes
  • Cardboard boxes

If your company uses any of the above (or others too), you can use the industrial shredder to help process the waste into smaller fractions to make the recycling process easier.

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Our Industrial Shredders For Other Types of Materials

Our services include many other specified shredders for materials, even specialized heavy-duty industrial carton shredders, for example. Some more materials we make industrial shredders for include paper, wood, plastic, metal, biomass.

Each of these is something that needs to be disposed of very carefully in order to avoid environmental damage and to comply with federal regulations. It would also be very difficult in general to try to dispose of scrap metals without first shredding them, so it is good for businesses who deal with any of these materials to invest in industrial shredders.

Custom Cardboard Shredding Solutions

We have been working for years to optimize the industrial shredding business. We have the experience to create customized shredders for even the most unique needs that you or your business may have.

If you need to shred a unique material and one of our waste cardboard shredders just won’t cut it, let us know. We can help you by finding customized industrial shredding solutions for your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing one of our industrial shredders and you still have some questions, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of our most frequently asked questions to try and give you a better insight.

What safety considerations are there for industrial cardboard shredders?

There are sets of guidelines that outline how to operate the shredder safely. Some of the policies include:

  • Fully shut down the machine when not in use
  • Keep up with maintenance and repairs
  • Do not override the machine’s maximum capacity.

How do you maintain a shredder?

With typical shredders for sale, you will need to clean the rotors frequently to keep up the effectiveness of the shredder; this must be done with caution or by a professional to prevent injury during the processing of cardboard.

Additionally, keeping the machine well oiled will extend the lifespan of the shredder.

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