Industrial Paper Shredding Machines

A heavy-duty industrial paper shredder is a machine that can shred large quantities of paper and other waste in one sitting. These are not your average paper shredders found in the average office; an industrial paper shredder can actually destroy media at a rate of around 5,000lbs per hour. It can shred paper into pieces much smaller than the standard commercial shredders, making them much more efficient and powerful.

Types of our industrial paper shredders

The types of industrial paper shredding equipment we offer include the Single Shaft Shredder and the Double Shaft Shredder. Let’s look at their benefits in more detail:

Single Shaft Paper Shredders

A single shaft shredder has a fast-spinning rotor, alongside a hydraulic ram. It’s typically used for pushing the scrap material and waste against the rotor, which then enables the process of cutting. The ram on this type of waste paper shredder has pressure sensors, and they move backward and forward to prevent the material from overheating and jamming.

These machines are best for processing materials such as copper cables, non-ferrous metals, aluminum cables, plastic bins, power coils, wood, cardboard, tired, industrial packing, scraps, radiators, etc.

Double Shaft Paper Shredders

A double shaft shredder is a very compact piece of apparatus. It is highly efficient, which means it can process large amounts of materials with a small amount of installed power. This machine combines high torque with low revolutions, which enables them to process the most resistant materials.

This strength makes them great for shredding rigid materials, including composting, tired, metals, plastics, electronic scrap, industrial waste, and municipal solid waste.

Businesses that create a lot of waste and produce high volumes of paper love industrial paper shredding equipment. The waste is typically transported to the industrial paper shredding machine from different departments and then destroyed at a single location easily.

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Industrial Paper Waste Shredders for Your Business

From waste paper recycling to generally processing paper waste, there are a variety of reasons your business may benefit from an industrial shredder. If you run a company that produces a high volume of waste, you will need a piece of machinery that disposes of the refuse sustainably and efficiently.

Businesses that will benefit most include:

  • Paper manufacturers
  • Document shredding companies
  • Mobile shredding companies
  • Packaging companies
  • Book/newspaper recycling companies
  • Data destruction and paper towel recycling businesses
  • Printshop production companies
  • All-purpose wipes and kitchen rolls manufacturing companies

Benefits of Industrial Paper Shredding

There are many reasons businesses should consider purchasing a heavy-duty shredder:

Safer work environment

You’ll reduce the amount of dangerous dust emitted in the paper manufacturing process.

Easier logistics

Forget about transporting large paper bales to a facility – you’ll save by bringing those services to your business. Shred your waste, use briquetting, and then sell briquettes or generate heating energy within the company.


These units are eco-friendly and encourage recycling, drastically reducing the impact of paper usage on the environment.

Mobile Document Destruction

Are you a business that only needs occasional paper shredding services? It’s not become a trend to call up a paper shredding company and enjoy these services at your business!

We’re proud to offer mobile document destruction and make it easy to schedule an appointment for our vans to come to your facilities and shred whatever documents you need to be removed. Our vans are equipped with heavy-duty industrial paper shredders, so you’re getting the best quality shred without purchasing an entire unit for your business.

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Different Kinds of Paper Waste You Should Recycle

There are a variety of by-products and kinds of waste that should be recycled – some obvious, some not. Most of these materials in the list below can be shredded using our shredders. These include:

  • Paper rolls, waste, towels, bales, sheets, and cuttings
  • Paper residues in big volumes
  • Packaging and printshop production waste
  • Toilet and kitchen rolls
  • Wipes
  • Books,
  • Magazines, and Newspapers

Our Industrial Shredders For Other Types of Materials

Alongside these paper single shaft and double shaft shredders, we have an array of other heavy-duty industrial shredding machine models for sale, all at different prices and built with shredding certain materials in mind.

wood shredding

Wood waste comes in an array of different shapes and sizes. We offer efficient and effective industrial wood shredding machines that will allow you to recycle any type of wood.

cardboard shredding

Our cardboard shredding machines can turn small quantities of old and disused cardboard into packing material within a short time.

Plastic shredding

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials to the planet. Our plastic shredding machines destroy the material effectively so that your business can recycle it.

metal swarf shredding

Metal shredding machines can shred the material and reduce it into a scrap metal size, making it easier to manage when transporting.

biomass shredding

These shredders often combine two industrial machines: a shredder and a crusher. The crusher crushes the material collected from various sources, like garbage dumps and agricultural fields, and the shredder, well, shreds!

Custom Paper Shredding Solutions

Eager to experience the benefits of high-quality paper shredders but not sure which unit is best for you? We can discuss customized paper shredding solutions for your company. We have many years under our belt offering shredding machine services to customers and can start a conversation about how we can help your business through our shredding offerings. Get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing one of our industrial shredders and you still have some questions, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of our most frequently asked questions to try and give you a better insight.

Are Industrial Paper Shredders Expensive?

Due to their size, power, and high efficiency, industrial shredders can range anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000. However, we strive to offer the most affordable rates for our shredders. And these machines serve as long-term investments – with proper care, they’ll last decades.

Can Industrial Paper Shredders Be Serviced?

You should regularly service your shredder to extend its lifespan. They can typically be placed under a Service/Maintenance Contract.

Are Shredders Safe to Use?

All of our industrial shredders are manufactured to extremely safe standards, which means they are very safe pieces of apparatus when used according to the safety guidelines and with the correct training in place.

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