Wood Briquetting Machines

When you own or operate a business that processes wood, reducing waste is a top priority. However, there will always be some offcuts or shavings that seem impossible to repurpose.

This is where wood briquette machines can change the game. A wood chip briquette-making machine can bring huge savings in terms of minimizing waste, reducing removal costs, and making your business more environmentally friendly.

UMP Technika helps businesses like yours save money and cut waste with top-quality hydraulic wood briquette machine solutions. Fill out our contact form to start the discussion or feel free to call one of our specialists.

Our Wood Briquetting Solutions

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How Making Wood Briquettes Benefits Your Company

What does wood briquette production mean for your company in real terms? Our wood briquette press has tangible benefits for your business. Here’s how we help simply by offering a high-quality wood chip briquette press.

Cut Down on Waste & Disposal Costs

Cut-offs and sawdust are inevitable facts of life when your business specializes in woodworking. Paying someone else or using labor hours to collect and dispose of waste materials might feel just as unavoidable – but it’s not.

A sawdust briquette-making machine provides an easy, on-site way to collect, dispose of, and repurpose your waste. The short-term investment is offset so quickly when you think of the costs of hiring a company daily or weekly to get rid of your waste. Even if you dispose of waste yourself, that’s hours you’ll never get back.

Bringing wood briquette production to your business eliminates unnecessary costs and makes your life so much easier.

Repurpose Waste for Profit

A wood chip briquette maker doesn’t just provide an easy waste disposal solution; it provides you with a new commodity. A briquette press for sawdust turns shavings off the workshop floor into an accessible source of fuel that you can use in your applications or sell to another customer.

Creating an extra revenue stream out of waste is a major benefit of using a sawdust brick press in your workplace. It helps the wood briquette machine pay for itself in no time and provides you with an extra long-term source of income.

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Create a Carbon-Neutral Energy Source

Governments around the world are increasingly offering incentives to businesses to become carbon-neutral. A wood chip briquette machine makes this so much easier by:

  • Cutting out the fuel costs of disposal
  • Reducing waste that might go to landfill
  • Providing a renewable fuel source

Find out about local or national environmental incentives in your area and discover how a wood waste briquette machine might help you access extra funding. We ship our hydraulic sawdust briquette press machines to businesses across five continents – it’s time for you to benefit from a wood briquette machine.

Make Yourself More Efficient Than Your Competitors

The most efficient businesses have always risen above the competition. Reducing waste was key to Standard Oil’s meteoric success. It was how Ford Motors became a household name. Using a wood briquette press to cut your waste costs and turn them into profit could be how you get one step ahead of your competitors.

Every dollar saved matters in manufacturing. Transform your business into a more efficient, streamlined operation by using a sawdust briquette machine to cut waste.

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What are Wood Briquettes Good For?

The bricks produced by a sawdust briquette-making machine can be used as fuel. They’re commonly used in:

  • Fireplaces
  • Stoves
  • BBQ
  • Fire pits
  • Commercial boilers
  • Heating plants

You can sell the products from your wood briquette machine to another company that might use them in a heating plant. Alternatively, you can retail them directly to consumers to use as a residential heat source. Depending on common fuel types where you’re based, you could even offer them to employees as supplementary winter fuel.

Nothing goes to waste with a wood chip briquette maker. The end-user will always benefit – and so will your business. Get in touch to find out more.

Types of Wood Briquetting Presses

What’s the best type of wood briquette press? UMP Technika only offers the most powerful, efficient wood briquette production methods – here’s how.

Automatic Hydraulic Wood Briquetting Presses

An automatic, hydraulic wood briquette machine is simply the most effective type of wood and sawdust brick press. It offers far more power than a manual press, and the hydraulic operation helps maximize energy efficiency. Another huge benefit of a hydraulic sawdust briquette press over the alternatives is that it can be installed quickly and cheaply. This means that you’ll be profiting from your wood briquette press in no time and with minimal start-up costs.

Automatic Presses

Other automatic presses are used in some industrial settings but have two drawbacks compared to a hydraulic wood briquette machine:

  1. They’re often less energy-efficient
  2. Large-scale automatic presses might be costly to install and less appropriate for smaller manufacturing companies

Even for larger businesses, a hydraulic sawdust briquette press tends to be the best solution. Efficiency is everything in large-scale manufacturing, and the hydraulic system is superior in this regard.

Manual Presses

Manual presses are sometimes considered for small-scale woodworking operations. However, a manual press takes more time to operate than a hydraulic wood briquette press, meaning that you’re losing money on labor costs. Manual presses are also more effort to maintain. These costs tend to eliminate and exceed any savings due to reduced power usage. Find out why a hydraulic wood briquette machine is the best option for your business – contact us today.

What Kind of Wood Can an Automatic Hydraulic Wood Briquetting Press Handle?

Our wood briquette press can handle virtually any type of wood. If you’re looking for a briquette press for sawdust, consider that you might sometimes need to recycle larger cut-offs. This is why you need a sawdust brick machine that can also handle larger chunks, including:

  • Hardwood
  • Soft solid wood
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Multiplex
  • OSB or MDF
  • Chips
  • Shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Sanding dust

Our machines provide the highest level of waste recycling. Get in touch to discover more.

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Advantages of Wood Briquetting

Below are the key benefits of using a wood-chip briquette press for your business.

Reduce the volume of the starting material

Loose waste bins take up too much space. Pack it small and sell it on.

Fewer dust emissions

A sawdust briquette press collects loose dust and turns it into a fuel source. This also improves safety conditions in your workplace.

High-pressure pressing for high briquette density

Our hydraulic wood briquette machine is unrivaled in power. This makes the bricks more effective as fuel.

Decrease fire and explosion hazards

Loose scraps of wood everywhere can put your manufacturing plant at risk. Collect it, compact it, and store it safely with a sawdust briquette machine.

Better residue handling

A wood-chip brick-making machine is so much more effective than a tired employee with a brush. Invest in efficiency and let your employees focus elsewhere.

Minimized disposal costs

No more paying for third-party contractors to dispose of your waste! Instead, you’re selling it on.

Reduce transport and storage costs

Storing and moving waste is another expense you don’t need. With a wood-chip briquette maker, you’re free from these costs.

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Other Applications You Can Use Our Briquetting Machines For

If your shop or factory uses works with multiple materials, good news: we offer recycling solutions across the board. In addition to a wood briquette machine, you might consider:

Biomass disposal can be costly. It’s also wasteful if the materials are sent to landfills. Our biomass recycling machines turn waste into fuel that you can re-use or sell at a profit.

Disposing of waste paper is a responsibility for every business. What’s more satisfying than turning all that hated paperwork into a brick to be used as fuel and profiting from it? Our paper recycling machines have applications for every business.

Metal Briquetting Machines

Metal Briquette

Disposing of metal parts is also expensive. Even smaller volumes of metal waste can require a specialist disposal service – cut this unnecessary cost by investing in a metal briquetting machine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing one of our industrial shredders and you still have some questions, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of our most frequently asked questions to try and give you a better insight.

Are briquettes better than wood?

Briquettes are longer-lasting and warmer than logs. This makes them ideal as a fuel source.

Are briquettes cheaper than logs?

Average firewood is often slightly cheaper but far less efficient than wood or sawdust bricks. This makes bricks better value overall.

What are wood briquettes used for?

They can be used for residential or commercial heating. Businesses also often use them for industrial stoves and boilers.

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