Industrial Biomass Shredding Machines

Biomass shredding machines are built to dispose of organic waste materials. Some things that might qualify as organic waste or biomass are wood shavings, tree branches, or animal litter. At the industrial level, it’s challenging to manage these waste products without keeping a shredder built for large amounts of biomass. If you are looking to invest in a shredder for large-scale biomass management, read on for more information about our products.

Our Biomass Waste Shredding Solutions

Single Shaft Shredders

One of the industrial biomass shredders we offer is a single shaft shredder, which uses a single rotor to shred the biomass material into tiny fractions. It spins very quickly and works fast to shred your biomass waste.

Double Shaft Shredders

A double shaft shredder will work to shred even the toughest biomass waste products into smaller fractions. It works a bit slower than the single shaft and doesn’t make the shreddings quite as small, but the double shaft shredder can take on any amount of biomass waste that you need to.

Straw & Hay Bales Shredder

A straw bale shredder is helpful for the disposal of straw or grasses formed into bales. Some agricultural cropping businesses can produce these bales as a form of waste, which can be sold as feed for livestock or shredded and disposed of. This type of shredder is specifically designed to hold hay or straw bales of both rectangular and circle forms.

Our shredders are not limited to only biomass or specifically organic materials. We also offer shredding devices that can help shred materials at the industrial level, like wood, paper, plastic, cardboard, and even scrap metal. If your business deals with more than just biomass materials, then there are many shredding options we can offer you.

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Different Kinds of Biomass you Can Shred

Some different types of biomass that our shredders will take care of include the following:

  • Wood chips
  • Farming waste
  • Agricultural cropping
  • Animal litter
  • Grasses Straw bales
  • Cornhusk
  • Hemp
  • Maize

All of these are organic matter that was once a living organism or waste from a living organism. It is important to dispose of these materials safely because these substances will erode over time in a potentially unsanitary way.

Advantages of Biomass Shredding

Repurpose your waste

Some of the most significant advantages of in-house biomass shredding for companies that produce large-scale waste is the ability to shred and repurpose some of this waste to save money and even increase revenue. You can save the costs of storing your biomass waste and transporting it for disposal if you can shred it on site.

Save Money and Increase Your Income

Once shredded, you can even compress biomass, especially wood-based materials, and sell this compressed material to other locations like power plants and as organic feedstock. You can also use this to produce your own heat energy to replace coal or firewood. Overall, proper waste management with industrial biomass shredders can help you save money and increase your income.

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Our Shredders For Other Types of Materials

Custom Biomass Shredding Solutions

If you have particular needs for your waste material shredding or disposal, and we don’t already offer a solution for you, reach out to us. We will work with you and your specific needs to find a solution to your situation. With years of experience in creating specified shredders for unique needs, we can help you find the right solution for your business with a customized design.

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Getting the right type of industrial shredder for your company is a great way to ensure that you can manage your own waste production without needing to spend any money on storage or third-party disposal.

For any industrial shredding needs you may have, give us a call to see what we can do to help your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering purchasing one of our industrial shredders and you still have some questions, don’t worry. We’ve prepared a list of our most frequently asked questions to try and give you a better insight.

How difficult is it to maintain an industrial shredder?

When you invest in industrial biomass shredders, a good amount of maintenance will be required to protect your investment. The shredder will need frequent cleaning of the blades and rotors to maintain effectiveness. To keep it running smoothly, oiling the rotors is also recommended.

How safe are industrial shredders to operate?

These industrial shredders are safe to use if all guidelines are followed. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Not exceeding the maximum shredding capacity of the shredder at one time
  • Turning the machine off when not being used
  • Keep up with maintenance

How much energy will an industrial shredder require?

An industrial shredder will use about 200 to 400 volts of electricity. However, this can be slightly higher or lower based on the type of shredder you have and what it was made to process.

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